Booth 107_3x3 (D2)

Booth 107


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Watch Super Easy Installation video: click here

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Super Easy Installation: We have made these so super portable and so super easy to install that you can simply wheel the complete booth 30 minutes before opening and install on your own. Everything in the picture is included, along with detailed installation diagrams, bright LED lights, extension cords and double adapters. You don’t have to think of anything! Read Detailed description below..

Carpets, tables and chairs are the only thing YOU must organise with the event’s organisers.

Size (mm):


Tot. length – 2400
Max Height – 2524


Tot. length – 2922
Max Height – 2280

Price Includes: (4 items)

D2 – Backwalls (lengthxheight) – 1x
Side Walls – 0
Display rack – 0
E08R06 – Counter – 1x
LED lights – 2x

Super Easy Installation: We have made sure our booths are super easy to install and that anyone can install these on their own. No installation team required.

Simply wheel your portable booth onto your display area and install there and then, in a couple of hours. We supply everything in the image, along with detailed installation diagrams, bright LED lights, extension cords and double adaptors. You don’t have to think about anything!

Carpets, tables and chairs are the only thing YOU need to arrange if needed.

Please note that the image is that of a snapper frame and not a TV, however the bracket we supply allows you to install a TV if you’d like to add one.

Portable Booth Description: Modular, simple, modern design and premium: These portable indoor 3mx3m or 3mx6m display solution (with your choice of add on’s) is delivered in a single hard case box with wheels. This is light weight making transporting them easy.

The strong aluminium booth frame components are made from 32mm sections of EZI Tubes that are connected by point and click matching symbols. No tools are required and all tubes are joined by a bungee cord. Simply click the frame together and slip the stretch fabric over it to fit snugly, and then zip it closed – that’s it!

The installation diagrams that accompany the booths make it SUPER easy to follow, along with links to live installation videos if required.

 Guarantee: You will be the first to set-up and the first to leave. Trade shows, exhibitions, in-store promotions, mall promotions, general point of sale presence etc. has never been so easy. Our modular portable solutions will take you product or service to a whole new level.

A 50% FULLY refundable deposit will be added to your invoice. And the best part is that you keep your print and only return the hardware to us for our next rental.